Case Study

cs kids company

Company from the
kids industry

CPC reduced by 81%

What we did?

Within the budget of 2,700zł, we have prepared for our client a Google Ads campaign in the search network and a product campaign. The main conversion we had to aquire was selling through the online store basket.

cs  construction company 2

Company from the construction industry

CPC reduced by 82%

What we did?

With a budget of 3200zł, we've prepared a Google Ads campaign on the search network and the Display Network (Remarketing).

cs environmental company

Company from the environmental industry

CPC reduced by 65%

What we did?

As part of our actions, we have prepared a Google Ads campaign in the search network and advertising network (Remarketing and Display) with a monthly budget of 660zł from July to February. We were gathering a lot of convertion - the customer noted a large telephone response and the number of inquiries via the contact form increased – so our budget has been increased to 900zł at the beginning of March.

cs industrial sector company

Company from the industrial

CPC reduced by 72%

What we did?

We started our efforts by preparing an audit of Google Ads campaigns, which was then discussed with our Partner. The strategy we had agreed on was focused on maximizing the number of clicks using artificial intelligence algorithms and introducing changes in the campaign based on the analysis of collected data.

cs lupa wyposazenie

Company from the store equipment industry

CPC reduced by 84%

What we did?

For this client, we have prepared a Google Ads campaign in the search network, advertising network (remarketing) and Google Shopping product campaign - all within the budget of 669zł.


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